WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means designing your pages to be easily found by web surfers searching for your topic of focus. WordPress SEO is much like any other, except the design of WordPress makes WordPress SEO friendly. With millions of websites in existence, you need WordPress SEO to make sure you are found by your target audience.

WordPress is popular for its useful and excellent plugins: your talented designer or advertising agency will know them, and will put them to good use. You might expect there would be a plugin for WordPress SEO. And you bet there is. A popular WordPress SEO plugin is available from WordPress.org. It is called the All in One SEO Pack. It achieves excellent WordPress SEO by such functions as generating META tags automatically, checking for duplicate content, and optimizing titles for WordPress SEO.

Because WordPress is popular with top designers, you would expect custom designers to know how to achieve optimum WordPress SEO. And indeed they do know what works for best WordPress SEO. Actually, the same things that make great SEO on any site work to enhance WordPress SEO. Good clean code makes great SEO. W3C validation helps to achieve that. External style sheets help keep the code clean, and are the way to go for WordPress SEO.

Great content makes for great WordPress SEO too. Whether your WordPress site is a blog, a web-commerce site, or a community service project, you want to be found. The best of all ways to bring traffic to your site is to offer great content. Content that is complete, on topic, and valuable to your readers means repeat visitors as well as lots of linking. And that is good WordPress SEO.

There are a number of more technical tricks for achieving maximum WordPress SEO success. Your talented designer will know them, and will put them to good use. Titles can be optimized, links need to checked as well, and image optimization is very important to WordPress SEO. There are ways to limit duplicate content in archives which helps greatly with WordPress SEO.

Outstanding WordPress SEO can be achieved by adding excellent content to your properly configured WordPress site. Of course, excellent content needs an writer of such content, and a properly configured WordPress site requires a skilled web practitioner. Combine those two, and you will have a site that can be found and will bring them back, with their friends. And that is the definition and function of good WordPress SEO.